Clinical Supervisor 


Dr. Michael L. Benjamin-Robinson, DSW, LCSW-BACS, is a licensed psychotherapist, with over 20 years of social services and public health experience. As BACH Therapeutic Counseling Services' (BACHTCS) founder and its current clinical supervisor, he aspires for the agency to offer holistic peace and wellness services in a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment. 


Dr. Benjamin-Robinson has several years of experience assisting couples navigate through complex relationship issues, as he possesses the necessary facilitation skills to mediate a fair and balanced dialogue between individuals that is constructive as well as therapeutic. His treatment specialty areas not only include relationship counseling but also areas of trauma, grief, and loss, anxiety, depression, stress, and anger management. In all his practice he employs an eclectic counseling approach, utilizing evidence-based therapies and theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, and Social Support. In his career, he has provided services in a variety of capacities, including but not limited to, substance abuse counseling, youth counseling, HIV/AIDS-related counseling, behavioral interventions, LGBT-related counseling, and counseling with incarcerated individuals. 

Dr. Benjamin-Robinson is an adjunct assistant professor of social work at his alma mater, Southern University at New Orleans, and has serviced as adjunct faculty at Tulane School of Social Work (TSSW). Lastly, Dr. Benjamin-Robinson is a Doctor of Social Work graduate of  TSSW.  


Alaiyia Nicole Williams, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Psychotherapist, who specializes in working with Transgender and Gender-Non-Comfirming individuals. Ms. Williams is a black woman of trans-experience who has a great understanding of the inequality, stress, and mental health concerns that plague her community. In addition to her passion for trans mental health, Ms. William's passion for working with disenfranchised people of color and members of all races from marginalized communities, drives her overall journey for social justice and equality. 

Ms. Williams has been practicing as a licensed clinician for nearly 10 years in a variety of settings and in various states. Her areas of speciality include, but are not limited to, LGBTQ related issues, areas of trauma, geriatrics, HIV/AIDS related counseling, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, stress and anger management, chemical dependency and substance abuse. Her treatment modalities include the utilization of an eclectic counseling approach while employing evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness and Social Support.

Ms. William asserts that life's mantra is "the power of purpose will always outshine and overcome oppression" and that her ultimate goal is to guide anyone she works with to empowerment and a superb sense of self. She is currently the founder and Executive Director of Heart 2 Heart Counseling and Consulting. She is also a doctoral student at TSSW.



Leodess Houston, RCP is a certified Recovery Coach with certifications from Recovery Coach Academy and Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. He has over 35 years of lived experience supporting people's self-worth, worked with churches, and coaching. Leodess brings nonjudgmental acceptance along with a deeply compassionate demeanor to meet his clients where they are. He believes that each client has a unique journey to recovery and works with them to discover their own path. This compassion is the direct result of his own journey, personal healing, and empathetic heart.

He has provided services in a variety of capacities and spaces, including but not limited to SGM related issues, Outreach Specialist, HIV/AIDS counseling, worked with the Red Door Foundation, The Headliners (St. Jude), Ryan White programming, Planned Parenthood, and Giving Youth a Chance Feed Program. 

His passion is to support and guide others as they journey toward healthy balances in their lives, disconnect from their inner critic and connect with their inner wisdom.